slim your wallet

You’re probably looking at your wallet right now, wondering how it’s possible you could have let it come so far: a bulky oversized wallet. That unpleasant feeling each time you put it in your back pocket.

The flexible Versaflex system from Garzini allows the wallet to adapt its size based on what you carry. That’s how every wallet should be. If that's not enough for you, find out below how you can reduce the size of your wallet even more.

Choose the right wallet

Don't buy any random wallet. That’s exactly what you’ve been doing your whole life or you simply wouldn’t be here. You don't buy shoes in a wrong size; neither should you buy a wallet that doesn't fit your needs.

Before you buy your new wallet, lay out all your contents of your existing one on a table. Then start making groups of contents:

  • Your essential cards you use every day. These can be your debit/credit cards, maybe an ID card , a work badge or your daily gym access card. You’d be surprised what you actually need when you think about it. Place these cards separately in your quick access slots.
  • Your non essential cards. They are important but you’ll perfectly survive without them. Make a top 4 selection and put them together. Perfect fit for the inside slots of your wallet.
  • “I don’t remember me accepting this?” kind of cards. This group speaks for itself. Get rid of them, as fast as you can.
  • Sweet memories, we all have them in our wallet. Worn out photos, phone numbers, notes... Aahh, where is the time? This sure is the hard part. Be honest with yourself: the fold cuts make them useless anyway.

Now count your essential and non essential cards. The total will help you decide what slim leather wallet is the perfect fit for you.

After cards you have to deal with a more personal preference: coins or no coins? At Garzini we have a collection with slim coin walletsslim card holders and smart AirTag wallets. Both collections are designed to fully support your goal of reducing the size of your wallet.

The front coin pocket gives the wallet a sleek look while a practical overview of the content remains intact. We can honestly say it’s one of the thinnest coin wallets around because we couldn’t find one ourselves until now.

Start "using" your phone

Still 10 cards on the table that you can’t leave behind? Don’t be alarmed, it happens to us all. Customer loyalty cards are part of our society, if you want to or not. However, phone apps are part of it as well! Have a look in your app store and get one of those apps storing all loyalty cards for you.

Enjoy the slim life-style

You’ve made it. Slipping your wallet in your back pocket is no longer a painful experience. The energy to focus on the smoothness of your wallet movements is regained. Enjoy your slim wallet!

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Emilio Garzini
Tagged: Slim