Garzini delivers a wide assortment of RFID wallets. Find out more about RFID protection and learn why this is an important feature.

What is RFID?

Debit cards, credit cards, passports and even smartphones have a built in technology that makes use of RFID or Radio Frequency Identification.

These chips replace the old magnetic stripes to store and read data in a user-friendly way. We don’t have to give neither pin code nor signature anymore and slide the card through card terminals or card reading devices. We simply wave the card in front of the scanner to make a financial transaction. You can even leave your credit or debit card in your wallet while doing so.

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Why RFID Wallets?

Each new technology always comes with a downside: people experience a new form of digital theft called RFID skimming.

Counterfeit scanners can easily be found on the internet to read your RFID information against your will. These RFID reader devices can download, or even delete, your financial data by reading the RFID chip from a distance. Just walking by is enough.

It is unknown exactly how common this practice is, but is thought to be on the rise as contactless becomes more common, and the devices that are used to do it become cheaper.

Do I need an RFID Wallet?

You need an RFID blocking wallet when your cards display the contactless wave symbol. The vast majority of cards issued since 2012 have RFID technology.

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RFID wallets from Garzini

garzini rfid wallets

All Garzini wallets contain a seamless integrated RFID blocking shield as a standard feature. Unique RFID wallets, traditionally crafted with the finest leathers, available in a broad range of stylish business colors.