Finding the perfect gift is always a challenge. Especially nowadays, when you may feel overwhelmed by the endless online choices. To save you from this hassle, we've carefully curated a gift guide featuring all our trusted products.

Handcrafted from full-grain cow leather, our materials and expertise create the perfect blend for leather items that last a lifetime. Even if you manage to damage your leather accessory, rest assured, we've got you covered with our lifetime warranty. Rediscover the joy of giving gifts through our gift guide.


For Travelers

Having a trip planned definitely gives you something fun to look forward to, but at the same time, it can cause some anxiety when it comes to finding the perfect accessories to accompany you on your travels. Whether you're scared of losing your wallet, your keys, or your passport, we've got you covered. You'll never lose track of your essential items with our integrated AirTag slots.


Leather AirTag Passport Holder Leather AirTag Key Holder Leather AirTag Wallet



For the Office

Creating an office space that ensures maximum productivity is not an easy feat. With all those chargers, wires, snacks, drinks and various office supplies, your desk will quickly turn into chaos. Our office accessories offer you an easy solution to keeping your desk more organized. Our vegan leather desk mat is the ideal foundation for your desk, featuring an integrated tablet stand, an anti-slip surface for your laptop, and an additional magnetic strip for all your add-ons. It immediately gives your desk a professional and clean look. Now, to address the chargers and wires, let's introduce our trusted add-ons. The magnetic wireless charger provides a convenient solution for neatly storing your phone, keeping it charged, and still allowing you to use it. Lastly, the solution for all those tangled wires: the Magnetic Cable Holder. This little essential will neatly store all your cables while still having full access to them.

Magnetic Wireless Charger for Desk Mat Vegan leather desk mat Magnetic Cable Holder



For Him

Finding the perfect gifts for men is definitely a challenge, especially if you don't have the budget for a PS5! The gift should be durable, stylish, and match his personal taste. Keeping this in mind, you can't go wrong with an everyday leather accessory. Men famously only carry their essentials: their wallet and keys, so what better gift than a leather Magic Wallet or a leather Key Holder? Our compact wallets fit every pocket, so no more struggling with a thick wallet in his back pocket. Our Magic Wallets and Lusso Key Holders come in various colors and models, ensuring you find the perfect match for his distinctive style, making it a practical and stylish accessory he'll appreciate every day.

Leather Essenziale Magic Wallet Leather Lusso Key Holder Leather Card Holder



For Her

At first glance, Garzini seems like the ultimate gift brand for men. However, we offer an interesting range of products for women as well! Whether she changes her handbag daily to match her outfit or she just wants to keep her everyday bag more organized, using a Magic Wallet or a leather Key Holder will certainly help! No more overflowing wallets that don't even fit most of her bags, only well-organized compact wallets. On the other hand, the Lusso Key Holder ensures none of her belongings get scratched, and her keys are always easy to find in her bag. Especially with our AirTag Key Holder, she never needs to worry about losing her keys ever again. Whether she likes pink and red or prefers more neutral colors like brown, blue, and green, our range has something for every taste. 

 Vegan leather Key Holder Leather Urban Magic Wallet Leahter Coin Wallet




January 10, 2024 — Emilio Garzini
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