care for your leather

Garzini uses the finest leathers available to make sure it will last for ages. Read our tips below to keep your leather in top condition.

If your wallet gets too wet

Leave it out of your pocket to dry but make sure you keep it away from heat or direct sunlight. Just let it dry slowly. If you try to accelerate the process of drying, it will alter the structure of your leather which can lead to deformations.

If your wallet looks dry

When your wallet starts to show signs of dehydration, gently rub it in with a natural cream or leather dressing. It's completely normal that your leather will look a bit darker after conditioning. Don't panic, after drying out it will restore to its natural color.

If your wallet gets stained

Try to clean it with a damp cloth first. If the stain is still not removed, you can use some soapy water. Do bare in mind to use a very small amount of soap or dish-washing liquid! Allow the wallet to dry before applying any natural leather creams.

Never wrap your leather wallet in plastic

It is essential that your leather wallet can breathe to maintain its natural beauty. So please do not enclose your wallet in plastic or any other airtight wrapping.


Emilio Garzini
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