buying a wallet

Buying a wallet is hard with such a lot of choice. Garzini summarizes the most important factors you should think of to find the wallet that meets your needs.

Coins or no coins?

During our years in the wallet industry we have met equally as many people that want a coin pocket as people that prefer to keep them loose in their pockets. However, we do know that the biggest argument for not using a coin pocket is the bulkiness.

We've solved this common problem by designing a super slim coin wallet that should make it easy for you to make the switch to coins again. A more spacious coin wallet is available as well. Discover our collection of coin wallets. If coins is nothing for you we have a broad range of card holders.

How many cards do you use?

The next step to think about is how many cards you want to store in your wallet. Definitely worth a read is our post about how to slim your wallet, this might have a big influence on your decision process.

If you only carry around 7 cards, and like the practical benefit of an ID window, a thin card holder with ID window is what you are looking for. We have a similar model with the same sleek design: the classic slim card holder. The ultimate choice for up to 10 cards, sufficient for most of us. For high demanding users we have a versatile and extremely spacious card holder that can take up to 14 cards! Comes with an ID window as well. Pretty impressive, make sure you have a look at it.

Like mentioned before, fans of a coin wallet are in for a treat at Garzini. We developed an ultra slim coin wallet with a spacious practical front pocket. As far as we know it's the slimmest coin wallet worldwide available (if you think we're exaggerating: prove us the opposite, we'd like that). The wallet also stores up to 7 cards without becoming bulky. If you're into coins but like to hold some more cards, we have a more traditional coin wallet for you in store.

Colors and finishes

After testing and sampling top grain leathers for over 2 years we've carefully selected 2 contrasting finishes: classic brilliant and vintage mat. All our wallets are handcrafted and no matter which style you choose; all of them will mature and age beautifully. The colors are chosen to match your business and casual wardrobe.

Find out more about our our materials.

Emilio Garzini
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