Our Story

Research and Passion

Garzini stands for passion, attention to detail, durability and the will to be different in an unexpected elegant way. The patented Versaflex system is developed in house and based on numerous amounts of feedback from customers. No fancy marketing studies, just honest feedback from real day to day users. Face to face sales made it possible for us to understand the shortcomings of the majority of wallets. We’ve been using multiple samples ourselves for years and continue to do so. We constantly apply our personal experiences to further optimize the products, we listen to our customers and regularly take inspiration for new products from our social media fans.

Part of your personal expression

Taking risks, working day and night, and just following our “guts” makes it possible to bring this revolutionary wallet on the market and available worldwide. No crowd funding, just money from our own pocket. That's how it should be when you really believe in your products. We sincerely hope you like our products as much as we do. We’ve put all our time, energy and passion in it and we know there are more people like us out there, looking for a qualitative wallet that’s part of your personal expression.

A reflection of ourselves

Perhaps the best way to describe our products is as a reflection of ourselves: goal-oriented risk takers following their heart and core values no matter what. Using our education to take a leap and make a difference, not allowing others to stick a label on us. Believe in what we want both professionally and personally. And above all, being proud on our positive as well as negative achievements so far. Luck is made if you know what you do, not by accident.

"Luck is made if you know what you do, not by accident."

Bart De Latte

Bart De Latte
Chief Marketing Officer

A perfectionist with a passion for fashion, italian cars and online marketing.

Christophe De Smet

Christophe De Smet

Sharing my admiration for the natural beauty of leather through the creation of unique slim leather wallets. 

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