icon with a machine personalizing a Garzini wallet


Looking to add a personal touch to your company event or express gratitude to customers/employees for their loyalty? Customizing one of our premium quality leather products will easily help you distinguish your company from others. 

icon garzini wallet with cirkels around to show the impact


Creating a customized product together with Garzini is a great way to leverage the strengths of both brands and create a more impactful and memorable product. 

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By personalizing our clever leather accessories you can increase your brand awareness. Adding your company’s logo or name to our premium products will create an eye catching accessory that helps you increase your brand visibility.

Personalized box with the brand name Breguet and a personalized wallet


At Garzini, we believe in creating products that become essential in your daily life. By collaborating with brands, we aim to make a lasting impact on your customers as well as your employees. With our customizable leather accessories you can elevate your company's values and commitment to excellence. 

customizable Products

Personalized key holder with the brand name Opacc

Key Holder


a personalized box with the brand name breitling for the wallet or key holder


A few of the brands we've partnered with:

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If you're looking for high-quality custom wallets and key holders that reflect your brand and vision, simply tell us about your project below and we'll get back to you soon