Once upon a time in Australia

Even though Garzini was founded in 2016, the story of the company starts in 2012. This is when Christophe, CEO and founder, decided to leave his job as a consultant and started his travel adventure in Australia.

"After a few months as a backpacker, I was looking for a new way to earn some money to extend my stay", says Christophe. "As tourism is a huge market in Australia, I wanted to focus on this target group

He designed a Magic Wallet for tourists and started selling them on local markets. The first small production was a great success! "At first I wanted to stay for only 6 months, but in the end I stayed for 4 years".

- Christophe on his first Australian market with a tent he bought and a table he borrowed from the hostel he was staying in. 


Garzini was born

"While exploring Australia and selling Magic Wallets, I gathered an enormous amount of feedback from customers. It is this honest feedback from real day to day users that formed, and continues to be, the foundation for Garzini."

In 2016 Christophe returned to Belgium and started to develop a new Magic Wallet. He improved the initial design, size and quality. The new collection was named Garzini, "a name that really embraces the premium feeling of the product", explains Christophe.

 "The initial plan was to sell online, but as several retailers showed interest in Garzini, new doors opened." A beautiful display with video screen was developed to explain the Magic Wallet system and Garzini participated to international tradeshows.



- The very first prototype and the finished products

The story continues

"After taking the decision to also sell in retail shops, the company grew exponentially", Christophe says. "We really took the company to the next level. We extended the product range and displays, moved to new offices and welcomed new members to the team."

Over the years Garzini has grown from a small brand to an international brand with an impressive retail network in over 30 countries, warehouses in Belgium and the US and a collection with over 100 unique products.

"Today we are expanding our product range with new products and new sustainable materials with the same core values as always: clever, practical and premium quality!"


Emilio Garzini